Introduction to Computers Quiz

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 Introduction to Computers Quiz

Exercise questions

1. What are the different parts that make up a computer?

2. CPU stands for?

3. What is a Modem? What is it used for?

4. Data that has been processed and has meaning is referred to as?

5. List three stages involved in transforming data?

6. Compare third generation and fourth generation computers.

7. Which key areas were improved from first to fourth generation computers?

8. Was Abacus a digital or an analogue computer?

9. Describe five uses of computers in our society today.

10. Describe the five generations of computers in terms of technology used and give an example of a computer developed in each generation.

11. How are computers classified? List the different types of computers and briefly explain where each type is most commonly used.

12. Briefly state the differences between desktop and laptop computers.

13. Describe hybrid and dedicated computers.

14. Compare with the aid of a diagram, the physical appearance and electronic components of a microcomputer.

15. List any four advantages of computers.

16. Briefly explain the similarities and differences between human beings and computer systems.



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